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I have spent the afternoon doing some serious FANDOM ARCHAEOLOGY. Earlier this month, I found out through care_says that for some reason, one or both of the maintainers of yankeeficswap decided to delete the community. My reactions, in order, were:

1. Um, what?

I made a half-hearted effort to find the post archived somewhere, but when I couldn't, I pretty much forgot about the whole thing. Then, while Googling myself earlier today [who are all these other people going by dudski?], I found the fic that was written for me, and decided to see what else I could dig up.

Before I list what I ended up finding, I'll post the much shorter list of what I wasn't able to recover. I apologize in advance for the fact that knowing me seems to work against you!

Google Cache links are not permanent, so if you're updating your bookmarks, go for the permalink whenever possible, and if you're looking to hold on to your reviews, save them somewhere.

Confidentiality, by dudski for allthingsholy [permalink]
nameless (like you, like me, like forever), by care_says for darastar [permalink]
The Stars Are Going to Fall Tonight, by care_says for likealocket [permalink]

[NO REALLY, HOW IS THAT FOR AWFUL. 35 stories, and the only ones that I couldn't find were mine and two of the three that care_says wrote. THANKS, GOOGLE.]


Five Highs and Lows in Andy and Karen's Rollercoastery Friendship, by agate for jinxbuymeacoke [Comment threads collapsed - reviews are visible, responses are not. Google Cache: Post, one thread.] [permalink]

Five Holiday Invitations Ryan Howard Has Received, by agate for lavenderlola [Google Cache, 25ish of 49 comments available through cache links here.] [permalink]

Irreconcilable Differences (or How Michael Scott Came to Loathe Toby Flenderson With All His Being), by honey_wheeler for vfdj42 [Google Cache shows 25 of 63 comments, individual threads are at cache links here.] [permalink]

Type Schmype by shellies for sideviewhotel, only some reviews are visible. [Google Cache] [permalink]

Welcome to Moosic, by honey_wheeler for goodtoast [2 of 16 comments available through Google Cache.] [permalink]

4 stories with undetermined authors, 7 stories without permalinks.

____ Pack Day? by thefreshchuff for agate [Google Cache] [permalink]

After Ten Rounds, by semby for _twat_/tabitha86 [Google Cache] [permalink]

And Then One Step Forward, by allthingsholy for otahyoni [Google Cache] [permalink]

Because Nobody's Watching, by ficjournal for falulatonks [Google Cache] [No permalink available.]

'Cause I'm Not Leaving You Anymore, by judexseven for dresa [Google Cache] [permalink]

Change Your Heart, or: Advice for your life, Jim Halpert, by kyrafic for honey_wheeler [Google Cache] [permalink]

Christmas Shots, by ??? for care_says [Google Cache] [No permalink available.]

Cupcakes, by noblealice for semby [Google Cache] [permalink]

Every Day Should Be a Holiday, by lavenderlola/loveleeefic for missparker [Google Cache] [permalink]

Good First Impressions, by sideviewhotel for takethewords [Google Cache] [permalink]

The Last Word, by zarahemla for nomadshan [Google Cache] [permalink]

Live Only Just To Believe, by judexseven for endofhistory [Google Cache] [permalink]

Maybe, by lissa_maylee for dudski [Google Cache] [No permalink available.]

New Beginning, by ??? for noblealice [Google Cache] [No permalink available.]

Not A Panty Raid, by sadie_licious for thefreshchuff [Google Cache] [permalink]

Okay, by likealocket for ceelo_vicious [Google Cache] [permalink]

Pride, by nomadshan for shellies [Google Cache] [No permalink available for Pride, but Pieces, its MA-rated cousin, can be found here.]

Rational Thought, by ??? for traceace [Google Cache] [No permalink available.]

Resolute, by dresa for judexseven [Google Cache] [permalink]

The Romance of Afterwards, by care_says for chibirhm [Google Cache] [permalink]

Snow Day, by missparker for kyrafic [Google Cache] [permalink]

That Point, by otahyoni for sadie_licious [Google Cache] [permalink]

13 Months a Year (Or One and a Half Weddings, No Funerals, and a Distinct Lack of Partridges or Pear Trees), by chibirhm for likealocket [Google Cache] [permalink]

Two, by falulatonks by ficjournal [Google Cache] [permalink]

Untitled, by goodtoast for zarahemla [Google Cache] [No permalink available.]

The What-if Game, by ??? for lissa_maylee [Google Cache - comments are split across URLs, 1 2 3] [No permalink available.]

White Gloves, by noblealice for pwincess [Google Cache] [permalink]
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