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'tis the season!

Dear Yuletide Author:

Thank you so much for writing me a story! I always request fandoms where I'd be happy with anything, so please, if a prompt's not working for you but you've got a great idea for something else you think I'd like, write that! I firmly believe that the best story you can give me is one that you're excited about.

Things I'm into: Found families, friendships, ROMCOM TROPES GALORE, group dynamics, unexpected bonding between characters that previously haven't interacted much, happy endings [I will endure ALL THE ANGST AND MISUNDERSTANDING if things end well], bittersweet but hopeful endings, people striking out on their own and finding themselves, people being besties [either canon friendships or new ones], and origin stories/character backstories. I'm also NUTS about people spending holidays together, so if you want to toss any of these prompts out the window in favor of Thanksgiving or Christmas fic, PLEASE, HAVE AT IT.

Things I'm not into: Please don't depress me on Christmas! Also steampunk.

And if you're looking to do the full-on background check: I'm dudski on Pinboard [and this is my Yuletide tag] and Tumblr, in addition to LJ/DW and AO3. I don't think there's anywhere else that's relevant, but if there is, my username is probably also dudski. [I don't use Instagram or Pinterest, though, those dudskis are IMPOSTORS.]

Anyway, on to the requests!

1. BAD MACHINERY - Charlotte, Shauna, Mildred

Four comics a week is never enough - I'd love anything! Fic about Charlotte and the others growing up, going through school, and deciding if mysteries are really what they want to dedicate their lives to would be AMAZING, as would case fic, or pre-series fic, or fic about what they do in the long, boring downtime between major mysteries, or what they get up to ten years from now! Whatever story you decide to tell will be perfect.

CHARLOTTE GROTE: MY LIFE, MY HEART, although I love all the Bad Machinery kids fiercely. This is one of my favorite-ever stories about growing up and friendship, and all the great and terrible ways those two things can affect each other. [I spent a full 24 hours in a panic after this comic went up; it was a lot.] I'd love something that explores that, whether it's set in the current timeline or in the future or the past. I'm especially fond of the dynamic between Charlotte, Mildred, and Shauna and how deftly John Allison addresses the awkwardness of a three-person group: Sometimes it works perfectly, and sometimes someone feels a bit left out.

I have yet to tackle the rather-daunting Scary Go Round archives, so if you go for pre-series fic (the first mystery Charlotte ever solved? What Mildred thought about Shauna and Charlotte before she befriended them? How that mystery-solving competition from the end of The Case of the Team Spirit got started?), I have no way of knowing if you've contradicted SGR or not!

If it's useful to you: I didn't nominate this fandom, but I would gladly have requested whichever of the core six were nominated, so please feel free to bring in whoever you'd like! If it's helpful (really, truly: ONLY if it's helpful), I have a HUGE soft spot for Shauna/Jack and I've always thought Charlotte and Linton would be an interesting couple when they're older.

LJ tag, Tumblr tag

2. BEN AND KATE - Kate, Tommy

I'd love to read about Kate and Tommy getting together, ideally in a situation where he starts to help out with Maddie a lot (maybe one of Ben's schemes takes off, so he can't be around as much, and Kate's finally got her own bar, and it's too much to handle on her own?) and then there are FEELINGS and CONFUSION and MORE FEELINGS. But I'm also in love with this entire group, and I'd love anything about them - how they all met, where everyone was when Maddie was born, messes they've gotten into, whatever you'd like!

From the pilot episode on, I was in love with the cast's chemistry, and the show did SUCH a good job in such a short time of selling me on the history and love between all of the characters - even Tommy and BJ, who had the least defined dynamic, came across as people who are very much a part of each other's lives. I love that they're all family. I love that they're all varying degrees of messy but will always pull it together to come through for each other. I mean, BJ tricked Ben into a fake green card marriage to keep him from leaving the country because she thought Kate would want him around - if that's not love, I don't know what is. This would be an especially good fandom for Christmas fic, actually!

I don't know if you've seen the unaired episodes [1x14, 1x15, and 1x16 never aired in the US, but they are floating around thanks to the UK and iTunes], but if you have, another possible prompt would be the fallout of Tommy's announcement at the end of 1x16 - Tommy/Kate or just general group hijinks, either would be great! [As of right now, I actually haven't seen 14 or 15 yet, so NO WORRIES if you haven't seen the unaired ones!]

3. BROOKLYN NINE NINE - Rosa, Amy, Jake, Holt

I would LOVE to read about a holiday gift exchange at the Nine-Nine - maybe as a mandatory team-building exercise that Holt institutes to replace the wild party Jake usually throws every year.

I have so many questions about this. Who does Holt put in charge? Who's the cheapest? Who goes all out? Can you give someone a freshly-caught perp as a gift? Does Boyle whine at people to trade with him so he can be assigned to Rosa, or does he find the prospect of getting her a perfect gift too daunting? Does Jake get assigned to Holt and agonize over whether to go for a gag gift or something classy? Does he get assigned to Amy, and totally intend to get her something terrible because that's how his crush on Amy works, but then he comes across something that would actually be perfect and thoughtful and can't decide how to proceed? Does Terry love Christmas or hate it? WHERE did Gina buy that weird and slightly terrifying gift?

4. GO ON - Lauren, Steven, Anne, Owen

I'd absolutely love a story about any of the following: Steven and Lauren actually getting together, Anne and Owen bonding in their own snarky way, any kind of group shenanigans, or Lauren figuring her life out (with or without help from the group).

OH, GO ON. NBC will never be forgiven for cancelling this, NEVER! I'm gonna be like the Firefly fans who are still angrily tweeting at Fox eleven years later. WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL, NBC!


This post is a great rundown of how I feel about Go On. I wrote it before 1x19 aired and revealed to me that Lauren/Steven was everything I never knew I wanted, but everything else I love about the show is pretty well covered! Feel free to mix and match with the characters I've requested rather than feeling like you have to include all four (and feel free to bring in anyone else from the group if you want); the ensemble on this show was fantastic and I don't think there's any combination of characters that doesn't have the potential to delight me.

LJ tag, Tumblr tag.

5. HEX HALL - Sophie, Archer

[FYI, author, this is word-for-word from my request last year, because my love for this series is a perfect, unwavering constant.]

College fic! I am totally nuts over the idea of these two going to a normal college like normal kids. I'd obviously love shippy Sophie/Archer fic but if you want to go gen, maybe bring Jenna in, then that works too! Is Archer just baffled by the entire concept of dining halls? Does Sophie end up getting super into school spirit despite herself?

I requested Sophie and Archer, but I'm also the person who nominated HH, so if you were hoping to write Elodie or Jenna, THEY ARE TOTALLY FAIR GAME. I will love absolutely ANYTHING about these characters in college, I promise. Here is all the overexcited screaming I did about Spell Bound, and here is my slightly less unhinged reaction to Hex Hall and Demonglass. Anything you want to do with any combination of the nominated characters is fine by me! [I'd prefer gen if you go that way, but I suppose an argument could also be made for fic about when Archer and Elodie were dating?]

Also an option: As discussed/incoherently screamed in this thread, I'd be super into fic about Jenna and Elodie as immortal frenemies. I don't even need you to explain why Jenna can communicate with Elodie, although you're welcome to.

The one thing I wouldn't want: My favorite thing about Sophie/Archer is how much they trust and understand each other. I love the moment in Demonglass where he tells her he never felt anything for her, it was all an act, and she doesn't even believe him for a SECOND, just like she never suspects him of being the one to smuggle demonglass into her birthday party - THEY'RE AMAZING. So where normally I am totally in love with misunderstandings and obliviousness in fic, in their case I really don't think I'd be able to buy it.

6. SPIDER-MAN (ULTIMATEVERSE) - Gwen, Jessica, Katie, Miles

I'd love to read about what life was like for any or all of these characters during the year Miles wasn't Spider-Man. Did Gwen and Jessica ever join forces to gang up on Miles? How did they take it when Miles told them he was done? Or, for Katie specifically, I'd love to read anything you can come up with about what her life is like in the Ultimate universe. Is she enjoying a normal life, or is she more similar to her 616 counterpart than she appears? We know from the glances we saw of her in #12 and #19 that she's been paying attention to Miles for a while - does she have any idea that he's got such a huge secret? How did they get together?

Miles and his network of family and friends are so, so, so dear to me, and anything you do with that will be perfect. The emotion Bendis packs in is incredible - #23 is one of my favorite issues of ANYTHING, EVER. Actually, I should broaden that out from just comics - it's one of my favorite installments of anything ever. I ache for Miles and how burdened he is (at such a young age!) by the fear that whatever he does, it might be the wrong choice, and I think the sheer goodness in him is incredible. I love that Gwen is someone who sees a horrifying monster on TV, thinks "hey, that reminds me of the thing that KILLED me," and decides that the only thing for her to do is to head right for it to see how she can help. I love that even though Jessica's barely sure of how she feels about herself, she's absolutely, unwaveringly certain about wanting to make sure nobody else ends up in her position.

Comics *coughDCcough* in general tend to be way too obsessed with people who are dark and compromised, or in taking people who want to be good and punishing them for thinking they could pull that off, and while those stories can absolutely have value, I love this series for knowing that there's plenty of story and depth to be found in people who love their friends and family and want to do the right thing.

Anything you want to do with the characters requested is fine by me. Focus on whichever one or ones you want, bring in whatever other characters you want - I think for this fandom, more so than any of the others, the story I'm most interested in reading is whichever one you're most interested in writing.

As far as ~THE LARGER MARVEL ULTIMATES~ goes: I've only read the Miles run so far, but I do have Peter's run all downloaded and waiting to be read. So if you've read the whole series and want to incorporate parts of it, please feel free, and if you haven't read it, NO WORRIES, NEITHER HAVE I.

[If anyone's treating, I also would not say no to a story where Ganke finds out more about Gwen's past and starts referring to her exclusively as Clone Gwen Stacy, no matter how much everyone tells him to cut it out. For...reasons.]
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